Gweru Man Dies of Drugs overdose

News / National

‘Mutoriro’ (methamphetamine) claims a life×300&!2&xpc=pttjyah4dm&p=https%3A// Kasinyore (28) from Mutapa suburb in Gweru died yesterday after he was detained from Mutapa police station for disorderly conduct three hours earlier on influence of mutoriro.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the case saying,” People in Mutapa called the police making a report of a person who was drunk and breaking window panes. The police arrested him and found him with drugs (mutoriro) and he was drunk.×300&!3&btvi=1&xpc=e8aJkUFc5F&p=https%3A// was detained at Mtapa police station where he was reported to be vomiting and he was taken at Gweru Provincial hospital where he died.

Witnesses on condition of anonymity told Bulawayo24 .com that the now deceased was drunk throwing stones on her roof.

The police officers arrived at his house and searched, they found a sniffing barrel beaker that had an illicit drug called methamphetamine known as “mutoriro”

Source : Tarisai Mudahondo

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