Zanu-PF will Rule Forever : Mnangagwa

Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday ordered the ruling party to immediately start campaigning for the next crunch elections and declared that Zanu PF will never be removed from power. Mnangagwa told a

Zanu-PF PF politburo meeting that the party was targeting to grow in
MDC Alliance strongholds in urban areas and pleaded with party supporters from the grassroots to bankroll the party. “Zanu PF rule is here to stay, We are the only revolutionary party with an indisputable rich past and the progressive inclusive vision for a brighter more Prosperous future, Mnangagwa said. Over and above these constitutional programmes, all leagues of the party must begin to prepare in earnest, for the 2028 harmonised general elections Mnangagwa went on to issue a stern warning to members of his party who sought to pursue secret agendas within the party sayng they would be exposed and dealt with severely

Source Standard

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