ZIM Soldiers Leaving in Fear

By Tongai Zhirangwe

An anonymous Zimbabwean soldier has revealed that majority of Zimbabwean soldiers are living in fear of being victimised for supporting President Nelson Chamisa.
The soldier was speaking on Twitter Spaces that was being hosted by the Revolutionary party MDC Alliance, co-chaired by comrade Bvondo and secretary-general comrade Chalton Hwende.
In his reply to the soldier Cde Hwende encouraged the people to be brave, saying that in order for the people to defeat Zanu-PF in 2023 they must defeat fear first . He said Zanu-PF was using fear to discourage the people from participating in politics. He encouraged citizens to stand up against dictatorship.
Speaking at the same program MDC’s Cde Bvondo asked MDC members in diaspora to encourage their relatives in the rural areas to register to vote for the Revolutionary party in 2023

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