SEVEN senior MDC-T officials joined the mass exodus of opposition figures who are opting to join Zanu PF after defecting to the ruling party yesterday.
Former Zengeza Member of Parliament Simon Chidhakwa, ex-Marondera mayor Farai Nyandoro and the MDC-T veterans association secretary general Charles Musimukia led several others in crossing the floor to the ruling party.

Mnangagwa welcomed the group to the Zanu-PF before the sunset party’s Politburo meeting in Harare yesterday.

“I welcome you as you re-join your mother party,” said Mnangagwa. “I know some of you were Zanu-PF, but you decided to leave for some reasons. I am happy you are back with us and history will vindicate you.”

Mnangagwa lied saying unlike their former party, which is driven by foreign interests, Zanu PF was Zimbabwean to the core.

“Zanu PF has no foreign strings totally; we are an indigenous party,” he said. “In summer, in winter, we remain Zimbabwean. We are committed to serve our people. We believe that since you have left and returned, you are now committed to the cause of the party.”
Mnangagwa recommended that the new members enrol for ideological training at the Chitepo School of Ideology. Chidhakwa said he has joined Zanu PF on his own volition.

“I know there are some who will be quick to say I am joining Zanu PF in pursuit of money,” he said.

“I would like to make it clear that I am an accomplished businessman, with companies in and out of Zimbabwe. I am not short of resources. I also am not looking for any positions, but just to be in a party that is clear on how it seeks to improve the lives of Zimbabweans.”

Musimuki said he and many others were tired of countless splits within the opposition party’s ranks.

“In 20 years, the MDC has split five times and we are tired of the infighting. “In its 58 years of existence, Zanu PF has remained intact and it provides a better home for us who love Zimbabwe,” he said.

Musimuki said his conscience could not allow him to continue fraternising with people who campaigned for sanctions against the country. Other members who have crossed the floor are: Solomon Machingura (former chair of Chipinge Town Council), Carlos Mudzongo (youth treasurer in Mashonaland East), Peter Chandafira (Mashonaland West secretary for local government), Peter Matambo (former Kadoma mayor) and former Harare deputy mayor Emmanuel Chiroto.

Zanu PF acting national political commissar Patrick Chinamasa said he will ensure that the new members are assimilated into party structures. Sunday Mail

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