Zanu-PF attacks UPND for fighting corruption in Zambia

Paid Zanu-PF moles are having sleepless nights attacking the new Zambian ruling party UPND led by the new Zambian President Cde Hikahinde Hichilema. Kudzai Mutisi a Zimbabwean immigrant living in South Africa and George Charamba are some of the Zanu-PF thugs who are making a lot of noise

UPND official Cde Joseph Kalimbwe too to twitter to castigated the attacks on his party on the following tweet transcript below šŸ‘‡šŸæ

We are in Zambia talking about the need to tackle corruption in our country but across the border ZANU PF supporters think the message is directed at them & so they start to attack and demonize us. Not even our own political opponents attack us like they do. Its scandalous !!!

Source : CDE Joseph Kalimbwe

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