Junta Police Arrests Cde Job Sikhala’s 18yr old Daughter

The overzealous Zanu-PF controlled ZRP arrested Cde Job Sikhala’s 18 year old Daughter for not wearing a mask while taking photo shots earlier today. In the pic you can see a police officer who is not wearing a mask.

Cde Sikhala took to twitter to voice his frustration with the corrupt Zanu-PF controlled police.

My daughter ws supposed 2 celebrate her 18th birthday 2day and went for photoshoot at Huruyadzo & some corrupt @PoliceZimbabwe St. Mary’s who are famous for moving around in a ramshackle old Mazda B1800 harassing anyone on sight arrested her & detained her in solitary confinement https://t.co/ogJEY9ibvk

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