WHAT started as a night of bliss turned into a nightmare for two married women who were sent packing after one of them was caught in bed with her lover.
Luck ran out for Tarisai Chakuma, 27, a mother of two, when her neighbour found her between the sheets with her lover Blessing Toro and blew the whistle.

On being quizzed, Chakuma implicated her friend Linda Chiwapu, 23, who was also in the company of a boyfriend and her marriage to Vincent Kativhu ended following the revelation.

Toro disclosed how they enjoyed at a local bar in Zengeza. The neighbour informed others about Toro and when Chakuma’s husband Yani Sangweni, 28, was phoned, he instructed his relatives to proceed to the house since he was at work in Kadoma.

The two were caught naked in the matrimonial bedroom. Toro told H-Metro that Chakuma demanded US$10 for the services rendered but the latter sensationally claimed that their affair was seven months old and was a revenge to her husband’s previous infidelity.

“Ndarohwa wangu zvakaipa but the truth is that this woman did not tell me that she was married,” said Toro.

“At first I wanted to fight back thinking that it was another boyfriend who wanted to disturb me ndokuzoudzwa kuti mukoma wemurume wake.

“I hooked her at the night club and she was in the company of her friend Linda and we had some beers together.

“Had I known that she was married I could not have come to her house nekuti neniwo ndakasiyana nemukadzi wangu ndamuwanikidza aine chikomba mumba mangu; hazviitwe,” said Toro begging to be released claiming he was detained for more than 10 by Sangweni realtives.

Chakuma confirmed bedding Toro arguing that it was a revenge to her cheating husband and her mother-in-law who do not want her to stay with her children.

“My husband is the one who started cheating and spends most of his time in Kadoma where he works and when around he arrives home late,” said Chakuma.

“Toro is lying about this affair because we have been dating for the past seven months and I did not charge him for services rendered since he has been supporting my vending business financially.

“I am prepared to leave the house provided my husband’s relatives take me to my home village in Rusape since that is the place they paid for my lobola.

“My husband phoned me instructing me to follow his brother’s directive and they agreed to force me leave the house and take me to Glen Norah where one of my relatives lives,” said Chakuma.

Chakuma startled her neighbours by confirming that she has been bedding her neighbour’s 16-year-old boy, an issue her neighbour had visited to enquire when she discovered that she was with Toro.

“One of my neighbours is the one who informed my husband about Toro when she came confronting me about bedding her grandson,” said Chakuma.

“I never enquired about his age when he approached me for love and we had sex four times. I came to know about his age today but we have already engaged in unprotected sex with him,” said Chakuma prompting one neighbour, to attack her.

In the other marriage affected by Chakuma’s illicit affair, Kativhu came in the company of his mother and his wife of three years Linda to enquire about reports of her beer binging together with Chakuma.

Kativhu told H-Metro that Linda left home lying that she was visiting her relatives only to be spotted clubbing in the company of her lover only identified as Tatenda.

“She left home saying one of her relatives was ill and wanted to visit her unaware that she was going out with her lover,” said Kativhu.

Linda confirmed downing wise waters at a bar when she was expected to be at her ailing relative’s place.

“Yes, I had some beer Zengeza with several men and women who were enjoying themselves,” she said. She was led to her house in Zengeza 4 where she was ordered to pack her belongings and was taken to her parents. H Metro

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