A WOMAN from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni is bracing herself for the attack of the summer tokoloshe that terrorises her every year from around the end of September.

The 42-year-old mum of two said she has even had to take her kids to her sister’s place so they don’t have to experience the horror any longer.

She told Daily Sun she lived with her gogo and they never had problems. But her gogo died in 2018 and then the trouble started.

“I started having trouble sleeping,” she said.

“I felt a strange presence in the house and my kids would cry a lot.”

She said in the beginning of October, she would start feeling like something was choking her and she wouldn’t be able to scream.

“It became a regular thing. When the kids started crying I knew it had begun,” she said.

“I would pray and burn impepho but it would only let us go for about 30 minutes before starting again,” she said.

She said she called a sangoma who did some cleansing around the house and for a week they slept peacefully.

“When it started again, I decided to take my kids to my sister and they slept peacefully the very first night they got there,” she said.

But when she went home, she went straight back into the tokoloshe hell.

“I can’t live with my sister because she is married and has her own kids, but I can’t let this tokoloshe dictate my life,” she said.

She said her summer tokoloshe leaves when winter starts but comes back again at the end of September.

Her sister (44) said she doesn’t know how to help her.

“I don’t want this thing to end up taking my sister’s life,” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi, who said the tokoloshe has been there for a long time but the woman’s late mum had muthi that stopped it.

“It will be difficult to get rid of it but it will be gone if everything goes well. But it doesn’t want anyone in the house so it’ll fight whoever lives there,” said Dungamanzi.

Source : Daily Sun

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