A 27-year-old man raped his 43-year-old neighbour after failing to quench his sex appetite which had been heightened after he ate amangqina/mazondo (cow heels) laced with vuka vuka, a herbal aphrodisiac.
Zibusiso Ndlovu (27) from Montgomery suburb in Bulawayo is alleged to have committed the beastly act on his neighbour.

On 3 September 2021 and at around 9pm, the victim was drinking beer at Juluka Bottle Store in Fairbridge in the company of four men when she was approached by Ndlovu, who according to sources had earlier on complained of a prolonged erection after eating amangqina mixed with vuka-vuka.

It is alleged that when Ndlovu approached the victim he grabbed her hand and asked her to quickly accompany him to his house. So daring was Ndlovu that he forced the victim to go with him before he threatened to stab her with a knife if she refused.

Fearing for her life the woman reportedly complied and went with Ndlovu to his house and upon arrival he instructed her to quickly undress.

The seemingly terrified victim complied before Ndlovu commanded her to lie down and then violated her.

After the harrowing experience, the victim alerted her friend who accompanied her to the police to report the matter.

Investigations by the police later led to the arrest of Ndlovu and his subsequent appearance in court charged with rape.

For the offence Ndlovu was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to 20 September 2021. B Metro

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