Chamisa set for a landslide victory in the upcoming 2023 Zimbabwean Presidential Elections

President Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance is leading Zanu-PF by large margins in almost all major polls.
The MDC Alliance has been working relentlessly to win the hearts of Zimbabweans over the last 22 years. Its hard work and determination can be seen through their indefatigable spirit and desperation for democratic change at all costs. This will see it defeating Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF, who has been losing ground because of its undemocratic policies and corruption scandals.

The MDC Alliance, led by Cde Nelson Chamisa are more hopeful than ever that they are going to get this election. They have been campaigning relentlessly on the ground with vigour, determination and hope. They believe that the majority of Zimbabweans want change and they will be the agents of change when they win in 2023.
A few Zimbabweans who voted for Mnangagwa in last elections to ‘give him a chance’ were disappointed about because he has not delivered on any of his promises so far

The MDC Alliance is confident that they will win the upcoming 2023 Zimbabwean Presidential because They believe that Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF does not have a chance and will be defeated because Chamisa has widespread support across different socio-economic backgrounds, age groups and geographical areas.

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