Police in Bulawayo yesterday forced MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to prematurely end his address at an event to mark the party’s 22nd anniversary, saying it was not sanctioned.
The police officers tried to stop Chamisa from addressing the event, but the opposition leader continued with his speech.

He later stopped after telling party members that they had been told to cut the event short. Police ordered journalists that were covering the event to delete their footage because it was not sanctioned.

Chamisa told party supporters that the MDC Alliance’s biggest challenge was infiltration by the state.

He claimed that despite the move to cripple the party, it was growing in leaps and bounds. Chamisa had earlier tweeted that the party remained focused and determined to achieve its objectives.

“(On) 11 September an idea was born,” he tweeted. “Land to the people not politicians was one of our key messages.

“It has not [been] easy. Many have been killed, some died and others have switched sides. But we remain consistent, persistent, principled and we will get there.”

Chamisa’s party accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of persecuting it by blocking it from holding meetings and protests.

The MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora also held its own commemorations of the anniversary. Standard

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