Zimbabwe, our destiny has been delayed but not denied – Tarisai Masimba

Zimbabwe destiny delayed denied
This iconic picture of the ‘Great Zimbabwe Ruins’ shows show the beauty and ruin of our country. But in the midst of doom and fading hope rises a silent voice of restoration and a revolution.

By Tarisai Masimba
If you believe in a better future for our beloved Zimbabwe, then you know that our destiny has been delayed, but not outrightly denied.

We hold the belief that our destiny has been delayed by Zanu pf. We all know how Zanu pf has turned a once-thriving economy into the laughing stock of the world. We all know how the ruling cartel has looted our national resources for personal benefit.

We know that the November 2017 military coup was never about removing Robert Mugabe or moving towards a new regime, it was about perpetuating the cycle of tyranny and corruption.

The wounds of Gugurahundi are still fresh in the minds of the victims of this inhumane and barbaric act. The side effects of Operation Murambatsvina, a political gimmick disguised a cleanup campaign, still hurt as if it only happened yesterday.

The abduction of Itai Dzamara still hurts us a nation. How much more does it hurt his widow and children? His crime was only fighting for a better Zimbabwe. He is not the only one. He is one of the countless Zimbabweans who have lost their lives at the hands of this brutal regime.

Some were brutalized in broad daylight by state security agents. Others were abducted from their homes. For some, it was mysterious deaths; but wisdom, experience, and common sense points to the club of old clueless men killing the innocent.

It is an abomination for the chicken to eat its own eggs. But the same is happening in Zimbabwe. Only that it is business as usual. How can political and economic cannibalism go unchecked, uncontested, unnoticed, and unchallenged?

Is this the Zimbabwe we want, a country where our destiny is delayed even though it cannot be denied?

The delayed destiny of Zimbabwe should not be denied
I have met a number of people who have lost hope in the restoration of our country. I have spoken to people who have condemned our country to its premature death. I have heard some people say Zimbabwe has reached a point of no return. Worse still, others believe that there is no Zimbabwe to talk about.

I respect their views. These words may sound pessimistic but they are true reflections of the dire situation that our country finds itself in.

Do we fold our hands and watch from afar as the little that remains of our country gets devoured? Do we tell our little brothers, innocent children, ambitious nephews, gifted aunts & uncles, talented sisters, and energetic cousins once or twice removed from us that there is no future for them?

Do we wake up every morning and pray for Armageddon because even hell can’t be worse than this? Or do we quietly suffer in the hope that some gods will remember us and fight our battles?

I am a man who believes in a better destiny for Zimbabwe, knows that it has been delayed but firmly holds onto the belief that it will not be denied.

I will not sit by and watch our country go to ruins. I will not let the legacy of the gallant sons & daughters of the soil who lost their lives in the Chimoio massacre (also known as Operation Dingo) or other parts of the SADC region be lost in vain. I will not raise my sons and daughters only to tell them that their country cannot give them a life of prosperity.

I will not have it. I will not have it, oh. We need to stand up as a country and fight this regime.

My never-dying hope for Zimbabwe
Even as I ironically celebrate and ‘mourn’ my birthday today; my life should not and will not be determined by the number of years I live, but by my willingness to build a better Zimbabwe.

My aim as a patriotic citizen is the removal of the corrupt Zanu pf cartel from power and replace it with a government for the people, by the people.

The situation has moved from bad to worse over the past decades. And in the last two year after the fall of Mugabe, the country has been on auto-pilot to self-induced destruction.

But we still have a chance to reverse this. We have a chance to come together and fight for our country. We can say enough is enough. It is time for change. And it begins with you. Let’s all unite for one common goal. Let there be no fear on each of us. Because if there is anything we should fear, then it is a bleak future.

Zanu pf has stolen our dreams. But it cannot steal our will. My birthday will not mean much if our country is free. While I appreciate all the sweet and beautiful message for my birthday, I wish nothing more than a revolution against the ruling cartel. This will be my best birthday present ever. And it is what the majority of our citizens wish for.

Zimbabwe, our destiny has been delayed but it will not be denied. We are slowly marching towards the land of milk and honey. And we shall all celebrate.

I still have faith. I still have hope. And if you have watched the movie the Shawshank Redemption, then you might be familiar with this quote:

“Hope is a good thing … maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.”

Source – Africa Rapport

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