Zimbabwe on implosion course- VP Tendai Biti

Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance vice president Tendai Biti says Zimbabwe is treading on a knife edge, a situation which could implode.

He says the current regime under President Emmerson Mnangagwa is oblivious to the challenges of a weak State.

Biti adds that weighed down contradictions that brought it into existence this State will eventually implode.

“Thus pursuit of regime survival agenda & authoritarian hegemony inevitably leads to collapse. Zim is on a knife edge,” says Biti.

He says the mutilation & dismemberment of State Organs & institution under Mnangagwa is dangerous.

“It creates a volatile fragile & the weak state.

The assault on the Constitution, the judiciary, Unions, the Public Service, parliament, local authorities, CSOs, and the Church is unprecedented,” he adds.


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