Two UPND members have requested for an urgent police investigation into alleged crimes committed during the PF administration against the Zambian people.

The two are former UPND 2021 Presidential Campaign team members, BEENE HACHOOMBWA and ALEX BWALYA.

The duo want the Zambia Police to immediately institute investigations against the PF government which was ousted in the August 12 general election.

Mr. HACHOOMBWA is demanding a report on the 15 publicly known murders that occurred under the PF government.

He says these include the death of UPND member MAPENZI CHIBULO and UNZA student, VESPERS SHIMUZHILA.

Mr. HACHOOMBWA adds that the Zambian people require a report for these deaths and the people behind the murders as well as a report on the earlier reported gassings of people’s homes.

Speaking to journalists at Lusaka Central Police Station, Mr. HACHOOMBWA also asked the police to release a detailed report on the infamous 51 houses.

Mr. HACHOOMBWA said the Police should Not equally remain mute on the recently recovered 65 million Kwacha cash in Lusaka’s New Kasama area.

He warned that the Police have up to the end of October to meet these demands failure to which, the duo will petition President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to dissolve their command.

And when contacted for a comment, former Home Affairs Minister at the time STEPHEN KAMPYONGO said the duo reported the matter to the right place.

Mr. KAMPYONGO however advised the duo to be wary that some of the matters they want answers on are already before Courts.

The Shiwangàndu lawmaker said he cannot get involved in any investigations on the matters as former Home Affairs Minister.


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