Captured Zec Makes U-Turn on Banning the Majority Party in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)would like to advise all stakeholders that it has launched provincial stakeholder engagements with effect from September 2021. Henceforth these meetings will be held once a month in all ten provinces

All political parties and other stakeholders, including Civil Society Organisations will be invited to attend the provincial stakeholder engagements on a rotational basis once every month. Contrary to some press reports, no political party has been barred from attending these meetings which are currently in progress throughout the country.

Due to the level 2 lockdown which is still in place and in compliance with the Commission’s Covid-19 Policy on Electoral Activities, strict Covid-19 protocols will be adhered to during the meetings. This means that only a limited number of stakeholders will be invited each month.

The Commission will ensure that all stakeholders get an opportunity to be invited at the roundtable

whose purpose is to share information and discuss topical electoral issues. It is the Commissions

mandate to interact with all stakeholders in an impartial manner.

Members of the public are advised to desist from attributing to ZEC misinformation on social media calculated to tarnish the image of the Commission.

Those that are aggrieved are urged to approach ZEC Provincial Elections Officers for resolution of any disputes in line with the letter and spirit of Multi Party Liaison Committee functions.

U Silaigwana

Chief Elections Officer Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

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