Mnangagwa’s murderous, illegitimate regime is sponsoring sellouts – MDC Alliance


On the 1″ of October 2021, the National Executive Committee of the MDC Alliance met in accordance with the party’s constitution. The National Executive Committee received the reports of the President and the Secretary General The following matters were deliberated upon

A. Governance and Economic Crisis


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1. Political environment The people’s leadership is building a platform for cens to converge for change as we work to secure 6 million votes in the 2023 election and a two-thirds majority in Parliament. As we carry out this core objective, we are aware that Mr Mnangagwa’s murderous, illegitimate regime is sponsoring divergence of the citizens with a view to maintain the status quo and continue the suffering of the people, poverty, injustice and comiption. Against this background, the people’s party is mobilizing the citizen. The party remains resolite and principled under difficult circumstances. Our core business is to secure transformation and change in Zimbabwe by winning elections and forming the next governmens. With the people, we stand united in cir cerral goal which is to wis elections and take power. We thank the citizens for

standing fem in ejecting dictatorship, corruption and injustice 2. Economic Crisis Contrary to the regime’s propaganda dhat paints a false picture of economic recovery or progress, the party expresses concem over Zimbabwe’s multi-faceted governance, economic and social crisis which has manifested in mans starvation, hyperinflation, extreme poverty (7.9 million), joblessness, wage eion, pour earnings by civil servants and poor

temeration crisis in the education sector. We call for 3. Unlawful Exictions in Uzumba and Mutoka: We reservedly condemn the unlawful evictions of citizens in Uzumbe and Matoko to make way for Chinese mining firms without adherence to due process, the obligation to secure the rights of the villagers and the need to protect the dignity of our communities. The people’s party dispached a leadership delegation to the affected communities to assess the socio-economic impact

4. Persecution of Makemberero Haruzivishe and Shrinking Democratic Space: The people party unreservedly condemns the continued persecution of Makombarero Harucivishte. Mako has been in prison for over 220 days yet he is innocent. It is not a crime to demand a better society. We call for citizens to converge in demanding that he be released from jail. The people’s leadership is further concerned at the weaponization of the court system and the continued criminalization of opposition politics, the persecution of independent journalists and civic society. Denford Ngadice, Trends Johanes Karichi and Chrispen Bvirwa connue to be persecuted for peacefully protesting against unconstitutional conduct by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Consistent with our Agenda 2021, the people’s leadership urges all citizens to converge to fight against dictatoeship and the introduction of unjust lanes, demand alignment of laes to the Constitution and peacefully resist the attempt to entrench one-party rule.

B. Zimbabwe Agenda 2021

1. Citizens Convergence for Change: The people’s party thanks the citizens for embracing the call to converge for change as we unite to build the new. The citizens’ convergence mantra is not the name of our party but a big idea and clation call to place citizers at the centre of all decision making, uniting to win the nation for change and transforming people’s lives at local and community level. In this regard, the people’s leadership will cominue implementing Zimbabwe Agenda 2021 plan aniculated by the people’s president, Adv Nelson Chamisa at the start of the year.

2. Stural Mobilisation and Penetration Strategy: The people’s party has rolled out an intensive

rural mobilization and penetration strategy. We continue to energize the rural party membership ad

structures as well as championing the cause and issues of the communities in rural areas

3 Electoral Reform Agenda: The party calls for the implementation of the electoral reforms set out in our PRICE (Principles for Reliable Inclusive and Credible Elections in Zimbabwe) document, including the alignment of the Electoral Act to the Constitution, ZEC reform including the demillarization of the secretariat, media reform and a mansparent ces and delimitation process.

We further demand that the national identity document crisis be addressed urgently 4. Global Agenda: Following the landmark electoral victory of our sister party, the UPND in Zambia, the party continues to build solidarity and converge with other movements in the region and on the continent in line with our pan-African Global Advocacy Agenda

Fadzayi Mahere

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