MDC-Alliance invades Lydenburg Mpumalanga

MDC Alliance Mpumalanga District leadership invaded Lydenburg on Sunday and established a branch.

The MDC Alliance team was led by the main organising Secretary Wadzanai Dzama and District Secretary Noel Tigere.

Mpumalanga Youth Assembly was led by its Chairperson Prince Mushore and Secretary Petina Kuriritira while the women Assembly was led by Women Assembly District Organising Secretary Beauty Mushore.

While establishing the branch, the District Organising Secretary Wadzanai Dzama educated members on duties and responsibilities of each position. She also emphasized on registering to vote and defend the vote in the 2023 Election.

She said, “These positions are not for staying here and forget that back home, the situation is not good.

“It is your duty to mobilise people to go and register to vote. Next election should be the last election contesting as an opposition. It’s high time we should be the ruling government.

“Zimbabwe will only be a better country under the leadership of President Nelson Chamisa.”

In addition, the District Secretary General also emphasized on voter mobilisation, peace and Unity in the party.

“MDC Alliance members are known for love, peace and Unity. These will bring more members into the party.

“Politics is not about individualism but numbers. For us to win next election, we have to be many. We need to go and register to vote in numbers, we have to defend our voters in numbers”, said Tigere.

More so, Youth Assembly Chairperson Prince Mushore said Youths should take a leaf from Zambian Youths who managed to defend their votes and removed the dictator.

“2023 Zanu pf government must go. It is the duty of youths to vote and defend our votes. We have to do like what the Youths of Zambia did. They voted and remained on the polling stations to make sure elections are are not rigged”, said Mushore.

Branch establishment was also attended by leaders from other branches Grace Zvidza, Nyasha, Lloyd, Tanyaradzwa, Naome, Ireen from Nelspruit, Marshall Chapwanya, Simbarashe Nheya, Kudakwashe Ngwenya, Jayne Chihwai from Middelburg and leader Ziki from Bushbuckridge.

Source – Fanuel Chinowaita

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