The Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement Anxious Masuka has been fingered in a land scam after it emerged that he recently signed a land offer letter for Bornface Naison, a fugitive from the law who fled to South Africa 14 years ago.
The allegations are contained in documents presented by Nhaka Yavatema, a co-operative of disabled people in a court case heard at Chiredzi Magistrates Court in May.

The Mirror is in possession of the documents.

The allegations are that Naison stole TelOne copper cables and was arraigned before the courts in 2007. Vandalising TelOne cables is a serious crime which attracts a 10-year-prison term. Recently the cabinet has been advocating for a 30-year jail sentence. Naison was released on bail and immediately skipped the country and has never been in Zimbabwe since then.

It shocked many in the court when documents were produced that despite being a suspect in a serious case and running away from the law, Naison was actually offered what is supposed to be free land by the State.

The 99-year lease signed by Masuka on December 11, 2020 is for 60 hectares at Sub Division 27 of the Hippo Valley North dry land.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has been investigating a number of cases where senior Government officials including politicians were fingered in illegal land sales. The Government officials are accused of selling State land on a massive scale.

The case emerged after Naison and a Chiredzi lawyer Dyson Chirima filed papers in court to evict Nhaka Yavatema Co-operative members who are using the same land that the two were offered.

Naison is being represented in court by his wife Lorhinda Ingwani whom he gave the power of attorney.

Nhaka Yavatema produced a letter in court which shows that the co-operative was given the same land by Chiredzi Town Council. The letter was signed by Edson Nyadenga, the council’s Environmental Health Officer. Masvingo Mirror

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