Captured Zimbabwean ConCourt Reaffirms Zanu-PF loser as winner……

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance member Gift Konjana yesterday again lost his bid to reclaim the Chegutu West parliamentary seat after the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) dismissed his appeal challenging the legitimacy of Zanu PF’s Dexter Nduna as the legislator of the constituency.
Konjana had appealed to the ConCourt after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) erroneously announced Nduna as the duly elected MP after he lost to Konjana in the 2018 harmonised elections.

ConCourt judges Justices Paddington Garwe, Anne-Mary Gowora and Ben Hlatswayo ruled that Konjana failed to provide evidence to persuade the court to rule in his favour.

Zec announced Nduna as the winner with 10 932 votes against Konjana with 10 828 votes in the 2018 polls, but later admitted to having made an error.

Konjana then appealed to the Supreme Court, but Justices Antonia Guvava, Bharat Patel and Francis Bere ruled that his petition to challenge Nduna’s victory in the July 2018 elections was filed after the prescribed three-month period had lapsed. Newsday

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