My turn to lead : Cde Nelson Chamisa #NgaapindeHakeMukomana

Mdc Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa says now is his turn to take the leadership of the country because the liberation heroes who led this country to Independence were around his age when they took over leadership.

Posting on Twitter, Cde Chamisa said, “WE’RE READY…In 1980,Mugabe was 56, Banana 44, Mnangagwa 37, Rex 31, Tongo would’ve been 42, Joyce 25, Zvinavashe 36, Oppah 22 and Sekuru Chiwenga 23.They were ready to serve and so are we. Why do some people think that OUR GENERATION is not ready? We’re ready! And it’s now our turn! Theirs was liberating. Ours is transforming and democratizing.”

The former student leader said those citizens who are not participating in politics are benefitting from the status quo.

“Those who are neutral in our circumstances are in fact those who support or benefit from the status quo but are either too embarrassed or uncomfortable to be associated with it!” He said.

One Twitter user asked him if he has, “considered the “rigging” in 2023? Surely you or any other can’t win as all elections in Zimbabwe rigged.”

“Once cheated twice wiser!” Chamisa responded.

A ZANU PF aligned profile ZANU PF Patriots told Chamisa that, “It has never been about being ready, age or generation but what people want. In 2023 it will be what the majority want, their vote will be ultimate.”

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