Harare Provincial magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje has removed from remand former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo after the State submitted that it had no sufficient evidence to proceed to trial.
Chombo in this matter is facing several corruption charges emanating from the Uchena Report.

Prosecutor Mr Lancelotte Mutsokoti proposed to proceed by way of summons saying they was no sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. Mr Mambanje removed Chombo from remand and advised the State to proceed by way of summons if they need Chombo back in court.

Chombo recently challenged remand on his latest allegations arguing there was no formal complaint against him in the matter.

He is accused of criminal abuse of office after he allegedly allocated himself more than 125 residential stands without authority during his time as a cabinet minister.

On the criminal abuse of office charges, it is alleged he created a bank account in his name where housing cooperatives deposited money.

The ex-minister challenged the State to provide the quantum of prejudice for the crime that was allegedly committed some 15 years ago.

Chombo told the court that the bank account number cited by the State was in fact not his, adding that not a single housing cooperative was registered in his name.

He said he only had one property with title deeds in his name. Herald

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