Broke ZANU PF fails to complete elections

ZANU PF Mazowe district is yet to complete their internal elections amid a number of challenges which include improper party cell structures, lack of resources, and manipulation of elections among other challenges.

The elections which began a fortnight ago are yet to be finalized in Mazowe and Bindura district is conducting the chaotic elections.

Mazowe District Coordinating Committee (DCC) spokesperson Kushinga Dutiro confirmed the case.

“It is true that elections in Mazowe are still ongoing this is because the constituency is very big we have four constituencies in Mazowe yet Bindura which is supervising the elections has got only two constituencies hence human resource is the biggest challenge,” Dutiro said.

“We also have other challenges like fuel shortages as Mazowe we had to give people in Bindura fuel to come and conduct elections but when we went to Guruve we used our own fuel so as a district we are sponsoring two districts on fuel logistics.”

Dutiro said they are taking their time on Mazowe West constituency which is always a problem constituency basing on parliamentary candidates Kazembe Kazembe and Tafadzwa Musarara whose party supporters are divided.

“We also have challenges with Mazowe West where party supporters are divided and the cell structures are not proper hence as DCC we want to perfect it and avoid the chaos that always comes from the divided supporters, we are uniting them as a party since we are looking at five million votes hence it takes time to preach this gospel of peace.”

Although some parts of Mazowe voted, statics proved that Kazembe’s people lost in some parts of the voted areas and the delay according to some supporters is a way of manipulation to rig the election in his favour to recover the lost ground.

“In areas where elections were held in Mazowe North, Central and South Kazembe’s people lost and the chaos that is being witnessed is sponsored by him to delay the elections and try to manipulate it while trying to recover lost ground, remember soon he will be contesting for the provincial chairmanship post and the district elections have a strong bearing towards that election,” said a source.

Source – Byo24News

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