We Must Remove the Military State in Zimbabwe – Cde Tarisai Mujibha Masimba #NgaapindeHakeMukomana

The Zimbabwe Military state needs to be dismantled
In my first article, I wrote that the nation needs guts, action and sacrifice to remove Zanu pf from power.

The Zimbabwe constitution tells us that we are a democratic nation but in reality, we are a military state. A democracy demands politics to lead the gun. In Zimbabwe, the gun leads the politics. Democracy demands a majority rule. In Zimbabwe, due to the gun leading the politics, the minority rules the majority.

Zimbabwe is a failed socialist country. And the road to democracy is through anarchism. It is through collective action by the masses against an authoritarian regime that democracy is achieved.

Authoritarian regimes are no demi-gods. They cannot fight against a united country with the sole purpose of reclaiming its future. We have become the laughing stock of the world. We boast that we are the most educated country in Africa, yet we are the poorest and most corrupt in the world.

Zanu pf cannot be removed through legal channels. We have tried the ballots and everyone knows what happened. Even Mugabe himself could not be removed through peaceful means, the army stepped in and used force to remove him.

Are we going to complain and whisper in the shadows that we don’t want this regime? Are we going to be meek and watch our country collapse? We cannot be afraid to confront this regime because what is going on in our country is worse than what the regime can do to us.

The government is afraid of public demonstrations because it knows that it cannot fight a united people. The government survives on our fear. Our lives will change the moment we gather our courage and say enough is enough.

We must dismantle the military state in Zimbabwe. One way or the other.

A luta continua. A luta continua. The struggle continues.

Source – Tarisai Masimba, Africa Rapport

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