Stepdad Axes Three-year-old BabyAxe

A three-year-old male toddler died after his stepfather allegedly attacked him with an axe in Hwange recently.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Nyathi confirmed the incident which occurred on October 5 in Dete area.

He said Nkatazo Penga (38), of Nekatambe Village, who has since been arrested, was left with the child in his custody by its mother who had gone to the fields. Said Ast Comm Nyathi:

The minor was later found dead with bruises and assault marks all over the body. Police arrested the suspect who was found carrying an axe.

He said in another incident, a Binga man struck a neighbour with a stone for restraining him during a fight.

Mapei Dhingola struck Micah Mudenda with a stone on the head and he died upon arrival at Siansundu Clinic.

Nyathi said the incident occurred on 8 October at Siachilaba Business Centre.

More: Chronicle

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