Mdc Alliance Slams Mnangagwa Regime for paying a few Scottish hobos to wear the Butcher’s T-shirts

The Majority and Revolutionary Party in Zimbabwe MDC Alliance has castigated the the paying of a few Scottish hobos to wear Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ugly T-shirts.

The Majority Party’s Treasurer Cde David Coltart warned the sunset party in a tweet below 👇🏿

It appears a few of the Scotsmen paid by the ZANUPF regime to sing Mnangagwa’s praises in Glasgow may get a shock when they realise he isn’t as popular as they have been told he is . #COP26

This once again proves that President Mnangagwa is surrounded by clowns and incompetent people like @nickmangwana that think that paying white folks to dress up in T-Shirts will give the President a good image!

This is embarrassing not only to ED, but to Zimbabwe as a country!

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