The government has failed to uphold the constitution, why should we be expected to do the same?

We have been afraid for too long. But we no longer have that luxury. This is our time to fight the regime, to defend our country, to stand up for ourselves.They used us to remove Mugabe from power. We are going to use that same energy to remove this military junta disguised as a civilian authority.
There is nothing stronger than a united people. We are those people. We need that unity. We need to gather our strength and fight for our future. The future of our children. For all the humiliation we have suffered, this is our chance to redeem ourselves. We are fighting for our country and honour.
And our noble quest, one that will define us as a people, is our deepest desire to be free from Zanu pf apartheid-style type of governance.
Aluta continua. A luta continua. The struggle continues.
Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts on the future of our nation.
Source : Tarisai Masimba

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