Military Can’t Be Separated From Traditional Leaders : Junta

traditional-chiefs-zimbabwe Chiefs, Headmen, Banish Villagers For Resisting COVID-19 Vaccines

A high-ranking Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officer says the military cannot be separated from traditional leaders as the latter played an important role in mobilising the masses towards the war effort during the liberation struggle.

The Chief of Staff Quartermaster Staff of ZNA, Major General Hlanganani Dube made the remarks at the Matabeleland South Traditional Leaders’ Day at the Zimbabwe School of Infantry in Mbalabala.

He said the colonial government sought to destroy the country’s traditional values, cultures and norms and the Government of Zimbabwe is restoring the old glory of the chiefs through programmes such as the Traditional Leaders’ Day.

Major General Dube said the new dispensation has attached importance on chiefs in view of the role they played in the liberation of the country. He said:

It’s against this background that the military can’t be separated from traditional leaders.

The role of traditional leaders was pivotal in community mobilisation towards the fight for the liberation of the country hence the importance attached to you by the new dispensation.

All 30 chiefs in Matabeleland South Province received a food hamper from ZNA, 10kg maize seed, 2kg small grain, 50kg Compound D fertiliser, 5kg cotton seed.

Speaking on behalf of the chiefs, Chief Gwebu from Umzingwane expressed gratitude to the Government and ZNA for empowering traditional leaders. Said Gwebu:

We would like to thank the army and Government for this kind gesture and for prioritising the welfare of the chiefs. When you empower the chiefs then you empower the whole community.

We applaud the army for the various development projects they have embarked on such as the construction of schools and clinics. May they continue with this noble cause.

Source – Pindula News

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