Kabushi PF,MMD members opt for UPND

Frank Ching’ambu-Three hundred and 50-members from the Movement for Multi-party Democracy -MMD- and the Patriotic Front -PF- in Kabushi constituency in Ndola have defected to the ruling UPND.

Among the defectors is the entire PF Kafubu ward leadership that was led by their chairperson, JOHN KALENGE.

Mr. KALENGE said they have left the PF because of ‘unending confusion’ that has continued rocking the former ruling party.

He also cited lack of leadership at national committee adding that what is happening in the party is contrary to the premise on which it was founded.

Others are Lubuto Ward Vice Chairperson ROYD MUSUKA who came along with 100 members.

Mr. MUSUKA said members in lower structures have been left like orphans by those at the national level.

Meanwhile, JAMESON KAMWANGA who led 219 members from the opposition MMD said President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s leadership style is attracting new members to the UPND.

Reverend KAMWANGA, who was until his resignation, Copperbelt province MMD Secretary said the UPND has demonstrated good leadership.

And receiving the defectors, Copperbelt UPND Provincial Chairperson, ELISHA MATAMBO commended them for having made the right choice of joining the winning team.

Mr. MATAMBO urged the new members not to relent but join forces with their colleagues and recruit more, adding that numbers are important in politics.

He also urged new members to respect the norms and guidelines of the UPND and urged old members to embrace those joining the party.

But Ndola District PF Chairperson, BENJAMIN CHITONDO charged that the defectors were expelled from the party seven months ago.

Mr. CHITONDO said all ward structures in Kabushi constituency are intact.

Source – ZNBC

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