Never Received Goats From ZANU PF

FULL THREAD: Chin'ono Says He Never Received Goats From ZANU PF

Prominent journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has dismissed as lies reports that say he received his Boer goats from the ruling ZANU PF after the party reportedly threatened to take the goats saying they gave him the livestock. In a series of Twitter messages, seen by Pindula News, Chin’ono detailed how he got the goats and imported them from South Africa.

One Taurai Kundishaya, a member of the ruling ZANU PF said the project was initiated by the government as a pass-on project in which beneficiaries were supposed to pass goats to other farmers. Said Kundishaya:

This project was meant to be pass on. Government distributed goats to farmers so they breed and pass to others. Hopewell Chin’ono personalised the project. Now it’s time for the youths of Zimbabwe to demand their share. Here are your goats, just go and collect your share. Down with goatlooter

In response, Chin’ono claimed that he was being victimised for being a government critic. He said:

These are the full documents of how I imported my goats from South Africa. These are the import permits stating that I was importing 35 Boer goats from South Africa. They were issued in November/December 2016 & clearly state that I was importing Boer goats from South Africa.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The SA Pretoria Chief State Veterinarian who examined the goats and passed them to leave South Africa is Dr Gerald Manyatelo.

All the 35 goats are listed on the Bacteriology form which I have attached here. Attached is the South Africa Customs document at Beitbridge.ImageImageImageImage

On left is the

Source Pindula News

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