Zambian President CDE HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says his salary will be used to support vulnerable people in Society.

President HICHILEMA says he is working with his team to identify beneficiaries of his Salary.

The President says he will also engage the International Community and business community in Zambia to contribute towards the fund.

President HICHILEMA states that soon he will be attending a graduation ceremony in Chipata Eastern Province, of a blind boy whom he adopted during his campaign trail in MFUWE.

Speaking after participating in the cleaning exercise in commemoration of KENNETH KAUNDA Day in Lusaka, President HICHILEMA said more of such people should benefit from his salary.

And President HICHILEMA has also appealed to Zambians to emulate the legacy of Dr. KAUNDA as they celebrate the KK Day that falls today.

He noted that he is a beneficiary of the free education initiative by late Dr. KAUNDA, which is why it was one of the first policies he brought in when he assume office.

President HICHILEMA also added that he has the interest of street vendors at heart which is why his administration will never victimize them.

The president further said every citizen should take responsibility to clean the environment.

President HICHILEMA said cleaning the Central Business District -CBD- should not be left to the city council but everyone that trades in the area.

He said the Government is promoting a clean and green Zambia which results in a health and safe citizenry.

Source – ZNBC

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