Leave or Die Zimbabweans in South Africa given 29th May ultimatum

Mass Graves for Zimbabwean foreigners living in South Africa if they don’t leave before the 29th of May : Operation Dudula

The Notorious neo-nazi South African vigilante group operation dudula has threatened to dig massgraves for Zimbabweans  and Lesotho nationals who are living in South Africa if they don’t leave the country before the 29th of May.

Operation Dudula leader Hlahla Lux Ndlamini threatened that his own organization will dig a mass grave for illegal Africa nationals if they dont leave Soweto before the end of May.

Tension between locals and South African has reached its highest levels  since the 2008 xenophobic attacks.


Majority of South Africans are not happy with the influx of Africans especially Zimbabweans whom they often accuse of taking away jobs from locals and committing crimes.


  1. Kill them as you are promising Lix Dlamini but bear it in you mind that we will catch you one day you’ll sufffer 2000 times . How on earth can you organise the death of innocent people who are you to build borders


    1. A brood of viper. Who knows no human morals, sad that common sense is not common to you. You hv a personal agenda if only your followers would know. Sad bad ugly to bone.


  2. This kind of behavior is only done by unemployed people especially staying in the location….we’re not taking any jobs from you….when your parents wr sending you to school you didn’t tke them serious now you’re sitting in the location doing nothing….who is going to employ uneducated people….when they do employ you you want to put your on rules….who do you think is going to allow that after building their own business….you will never see educated people acting in that manner


  3. South Africans you are not special , what you are doing God is watching you , one day you will pay it back heavily , just wait and see , South Africa is not for you alone but it’s for AFRICANS go back to your history


    1. South Africans in Soweto, you are like Russians in Ukraina , what you are doing God is watching you , one day you will pay it back heavily , just wait and see


  4. The revolutionary greetings to all of you ,South Africans and Zimbabweans how are you over there ….. okay the situation here is like this you South Africans stop doing what you are doing stop burning people, stop killing Memaids in the ocean please if you continue to do your bad things like that, you will see God’s reply very soon ……….if you have five sense stop do it and think before you act guys .


  5. As Zimbabweans we are peaceful people and we love peace.We put God on this battle frontline.
    My question is why are you not competent interms of job opportunities and all that you cry of against us.But you are far much advantaged on your home ground(soil) but your cowardice to face interllectual competition even physical rightful tasks , always pins you down and you become your own cowards .
    Your Dudula movement somehow might turn against you.Get this, ” if you chase a cat repeatedly and it admits to run away in respect and you take that as an advantage.Finally when the cat will find it difficult to keep running to nowhere it shall turn back to fly land on your heads to skin your skulls right to the front of your faces covering your eyes with your own fate.That will be the day you shall discouver that respecting and peace loving is not a coward.
    Do not pull us to the extremes we are not that kind of people because we love everyone including the whites and blacks from the other continents, every Human being.


    Clampton Nyamashuka (The son of the Zimbabwean soil)


    1. Go home period. Truth is Zimbabwean and Nigerian are destroying that country . Is the truth, if you are educated go home in Zimbabwe, be educated there .


  6. MATTHEW 7VS1-2
    (1) “Stop judging that you may not be judged; Stop judging that you may not be judged; (2) for with the judgment you are judging, you will be judged, and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you.


  7. Don’t forget that God 🙏 is watching us don’t also forget that everyone will die, Earth is not our home we are just visitors According to the word of God everyone will leave earth remember , keep this in mind God is watching you


  8. The neo-liberalism agenda ,white capital and black elitist miseducated sellout politicians ensuring economic wealth remains with one group. The poor continues to fight amongst each other whilst the white monopoly capitalist and politicians get richer and richer. Things are keep falling apart the failure of so called liberation movements like the ANC,Zanu pf, FRELIMO etc.


  9. South africans are very cruel as a nation instead of helping neighbouring countries they turn a blind eye to the suffering of fellow black pple yet accommodate the Boer(wat pple) that colonized them….#ANATIONOFDUMBPEOPLE…


  10. Why Zimbabweans as if we are only foreigners here, we are all Africans , if we go to America, they call us Africans only not Zimbabweans or South Africans, plus we must remember this world and all the
    creatures belongs to God not to any man, so watch out he can turn the tables. Let’s love one another , let’s unite as Africans ,lets Stop Xenophobia . God will bless us .


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