Zanu-pf MPs To Import Two Vehicles Duty-free

Parliament of Zimbabwe

Members of Parliament are now permitted to import two vehicles duty-free provided that the value of the second vehicle does not exceed US$60 000.

The new regulations were announced in Statutory Instrument (SI) 80B of 2022. The SI reads in part:

A serving Member of Parliament shall be allowed to import not more than two vehicles under rebate in terms of this section within the life of the current Parliament.

Provided that the maximum allowable value of the second motor vehicle under this rebate shall not exceed sixty thousand United States dollars.

The motivation behind the development has not been explained but in the past, parliamentarians have made numerous demands to Treasury.

MPs have in the past, demanded world-class gyms and recreational facilities to play golf.

They have also demanded diplomatic passports, Land Cruisers, more savoury desserts like trifles and ice cream, an increase in allowances and credit cards when travelling abroad, residential stands, and free parking in Harare CBD among other things.


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