StyleNoble Stylz tears into gvt in politically-charged album


Noble Stylz

By Sindiso Dube
Rapper and social commentator Noble Stylz addresses the country’s crumbling economy and government maladministration and its effects on the youth’s mental health in his soon-to-be-released album titled Ndopika NaGogo.

The album Ndopika Na Gogo, which will be released soon, is a dedication to the musician’s  grandmother.

The rapper starts off by addressing how rest in peace (death messages) have been trending on social media where many youths are active.

He digs into how inflation has “scavenged” the bond note and how pensions have been eroded and become irrelevant, hence putting pressure on the youths to take care of their retired parents yet they also don’t work in a country with a high unemployment rate.

Noble Stylz reveals how the stress that comes with the ever dwindling economy affect the youth’s mental health hence many resort to alcoholism and drug abuse in a bid to numb their pain but that won’t take anything away.

Some have resorted to taking their own lives, with the rate of male suicides higher than their female counterparts mainly because there are few male support groups.

He mentions that he is back to making music again after a sabbatical while advocating for the release of activist Makomborero Haruzivishe with the #FreeMako hashtag.

Born Prince Butawo, the self-proclaimed king of rap in the country, has in the past released songs that took a dig at the government and the famous $15 billion video skit.

He recently launched a web series, After MaElections, which can be best described as a Zimbabwean story from the view of a contradicting lense, is a narrative from different perspectives meant to stop electoral violence and raise awareness of the political and social journey the youths have endured.

The web series which is being broadcast on online video sharing site YouTube, comes when the country is gripped in election fever as political parties prepare for the upcoming 2023 harmonised elections.

Political parties are on election campaign overdrive and reports of electoral violence were reported in the just ended March 26 by-elections.

“The Zimbabwean political demography is divided along partisan lines so we tried to capture both sides of the coin to help everyone see the ideologies behind the nemesis,” Noble Stylz said.

“In doing this the belief is that with information comes tolerance.

“We mostly hate what we don’t understand.

“So, the After Ma Elections web series is an artistic presentation, which walks the thin line between our social and political differences yet gives the citizens an island of hope.”

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