The Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) has issued a statement saying the organization will shutdown all colleges and universities on the 9th of May to protest the hiking of tuition fees.

ZINASU Human Rights and legal Secretary only known as Cde Boris said, “Institutions of higher learning are raising fees whilst Zimbabwean workers are earning peanuts. On the 9th of May we are shutting down all institutions of Higher learning till Amon Murwira addresses our issues

“We tried to negotiate with Amon Murwira but the negotiations failed to produce the desired outcome. Fellow students I know you were waiting for a signal. The signal is here! 9 May we are shutting down all Universities and Colleges.”

The Teachers’ Union ARTUZ have thrown its weight behind the students saying, “We endorse the 09 May Shutdown demanding inclusive access to education! We call upon teachers and other citizens to support the call by the revolutionary students’ movement.”

Source News24

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