Your Dudula movement will backfire on you

Opinion |

As Zimbabweans we are peaceful people and we love peace.We put God on this battle frontline.
My question is why are you not competent interms of job opportunities and all that you cry of against us.But you are far much advantaged on your home ground(soil) but your cowardice to face interllectual competition even physical rightful tasks , always pins you down and you become your own cowards .
Your Dudula movement somehow might turn against you.Get this, ” if you chase a cat repeatedly and it admits to run away in respect and you take that as an advantage.Finally when the cat will find it difficult to keep running to nowhere it shall turn back to fly land on your heads to skin your skulls right to the front of your faces covering your eyes with your own fate.That will be the day you shall discouver that respecting and peace loving is not a coward.
Do not pull us to the extremes we are not that kind of people because we love everyone including the whites and blacks from the other continents, every Human being.


Clampton Nyamashuka (The son of the Zimbabwean soil)

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