I Started Following the News When I Was In Grade 1 In 1994

By Mujibha Ziwewera
I remember in 1994 ,seeing news readers like Jestina Mukoko , Shingirirayi Tungwarara, Joseph Madhimba , Colleen Harvey,  Dorcas Munyoro , Lovemore Banda and reporters like Moses Mareya, Ray Kandawasvika and Judith Makwanya on ZTV1 .

I used to watch the Shona News at 6pm so that i can translate  to my grand parents during the English News at 8pm.

As i was listening to the news at that time i became  aware of the current situation in Zimbabwe . It was  then that i started supporting Cde Morgan Tsvangirai and Zctu . I thought that ZCTU was a political party.

I still remember  dancing to Leornad Zhakata ‘s Mugove song , it was a hit at the time and it went on to be the song of the year on ZBC Radio 2.
At the time Eric Night and John Phiri were the presenters of Pungwe on New Year’s eve on Radio 2 and  Radio 2 was my favorite station. 

At school ,I also remember that i ended up being  called by my dad’s second name Tawanda because my name did not  appear in the records . There was a Tawanda who was missing and my name wasn’t there so i lied that  i was the missing Tawanda.
To Be Continued….

Source : The Editor

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