Zanu-pf Puppets Mwonzora ‘s party to hold Congress at the end of June

by Staff Reporter

The Zanu-pf sponsored Mdc Alliance will hold its Congress at the end of June.

Under Mwonzora the Mdc failed win a single seat in the recently held March By-Elections.

Mwonzora who is still optimistic of his party’s victory next year wrote on Twitter :

1. The MDC will hold its Ordinary Congress at the end of June, 2022. At this Congress the top leadership of the party will be democratically elected through a secret ballot in terms of the party constitution by delegates from the Wards, Districts& Provinces

2. The Ordinary Congress will also deal with any proposed amendments to the constitution as well as key policy issues to guide the party in the execution of its mandate which is to bring decratic change in Zimbabwe.

3. Observers from other political parties, civil society as well as the press will be invited to the congress and are free to cover it in any lawful manner that they want.

4. The MDC is a social democratic party. It’s guiding values are freedom, Justice, equality, solidarity, democracy, constitutionalism and respect for the rule of law.

5. Our vision for Zimbabwe is a peaceful, democratic, prosperous, developmental and inclusive nation which leaves no one behind.

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