HOUSE of Grace International church leader, Prophet Sham Hungwe, stands accused of wrecking an eight-year marriage.

Zachariah Matunya (43) claims the man of cloth lured his wife, Samantha Chibwanya (29) to his Waterfalls house where he seduced and bedded her.

From that day, according to Matunya, Samantha has been denying him his conjugal rights and would leave home unceremoniously.

He accused Prophet Hungwe of threatening him, after he confronted him, over the adulterous affair and lodged a police report against the man of cloth under CR239/08/20.

Matunya also filed a report about a missing person, under the same record, at Harare Central Police Station.

The missing person he was referring to was Samantha.

Prophet Hungwe confirmed the affair with Samantha arguing that her marriage to Matunya had irretrievably broken down, at least, under customary law.

“Prophet Hungwe snatched my wife under the pretext that he wanted to pray for her and counsel her after discovering that we were in a misunderstanding,” said Matunya.

“He invited Samantha to his Waterfalls house where he seduced her.

“My wife confessed after I confronted her about their unholy prayers and confessed she lost feelings for me from the day Hungwe bedded her.

“She was threatened and was forced to leave our home unceremoniously to stay in Gweru, without my knowledge, and I had to report her as missing.

“I also lodged a police report against Hungwe for threatening me and kidnapping my wife and Samantha was forced to report to the police and dismiss the kidnapping case.

“I have all the messages between myself and Hungwe and my wife’s too, disclosing how she was being threatened and sexually abused.

“Hungwe scoffed at me arguing that he was well connected and had the audacity to send me his photographs with my wife, urging me to report wherever I want.

“He masked his face on the pictures he sent to me and that emotionally affected me and my daughter.”

Prophet Hungwe vehemently denied snatching Samantha from Matunya arguing that the two had separated.

“Zacharia had separated with Samantha when I started dating her, besides I had known her before their marriage,” said Prophet Hungwe.

“Samantha’s uncle is the one behind this because he wanted to extort me after discovering our affair and is the one who engaged Zacharia to come up with such claims.

Samantha and Prophet Sham Hungwe

“They wanted to extort me but I stood my ground, that is why they are tarnishing my image and they threatened to expose me,” said Prophet Hungwe.

Samantha confirmed moving out to stay with the House of Grace leader.

“Our marriage had been shaking and we separated although we are yet to separate according to custom,” said Samantha.

“We are still engaging relevant people for my separation with Zachariah and I have decided to live with Prophet Hungwe.

“I grew up at my mother’s parents and they are the ones who received lobola paid by Zachariah.

“They are the ones against my affair with Prophet Hungwe and they engaged Zachariah to help them fight their war with my real father,” she said.

Samantha’s uncle, Thomas Chibwana, could not be reached for comment. H Metro

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