18 of the 23 Gokomere High School pupils arrested late last year on allegations of engaging in violent protests at the learning institution resulting in damages to the school’s dining hall have been acquitted by Masvingo Magistrate Farai Gwitima while prosecutor Tarisai Muvengi appeared for the state.

The 18 pupils were acquitted on May 6 while the remaining five are set to continue with trial.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Lawyer who is representing the pupils said the State witness who testified in court had no case against the 18 and the five left are only recognized as ring leaders because they were the ones who talked with the police back then when the incident occurred.

“We are waiting for the judgement on May 12 because we have also closed our case. The testimonies given against them does not hold any water because they are only recognized since they were the ones who spoke with the police. Otherwise there is no case against them and we continue to plead not guilty. I am certain that they are going to be acquitted and the magistrate will rule in our favour,” said Mureri.

The five juveniles are Panashe Wilson Mudhanda, Tapiwanashe Joseph Burombe, Eugine Muramba, Macdette Tapiwa Chongore and Ricaldo Panashe Madzivadondo.

The pupils went on a protest after administration at the school allegedly gave them poor quality food despite the latter having pending cases at the same courts for embezzling school funds and converting them to own use. TellZimNews

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