Chinese Puppets : Zambia’s Ruling Party Spokesman  Attacks Champions of Oppression Zanu-pf

Zambia’s ruling party Information Secretary  Cde Joseph Kalibwe has criticized the illegitimate  Mnangagwa regime for false allegations  that there is  a United States of America military base in Zambia

Writing  on microblogging Social media network Twitter Cde Joseph Kalibwe  had no kind words for The ruling zanu-pf in Zimbabwe , which he described as Chinese puppets and  champions of oppression .

Cde Kalibwe went on to accuse Zanu-pf for using Zambia as a Scapegoat to shy away from its failures.

Read his Tweet Below:

The champions of oppression used our country these past few days as a scapegoat to shy our from their collective failures; “Zambia has a US Army base” they said. Even people with zero intellectual fortitudes wanted to lecture us about geo-politics. Look now at the Chinese flag !!

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