Afrophobia : Botswana Conducting Ruthless operation against Zimbabweans

Award winning Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has condemned the Xenophobic Botswana President Masisi government for conducting a ruthless catch and deport operation against Zimbabweans.

Many Zimbabweans have fled the brutal illegal Mnangagwa regime that enjoys support from Masisi.

Chin’ono posted a video on twitter where Zimbabweans where being chased by a helicopter.

Watch the Video below

1. This is yesterday in Botswana.

Whilst President Masisi gives public support to ZANUPF & President Mnangagwa, his government is conducting a ruthless “catch & deport” operation against Zimbabweans.

This helicopter was tracking down Zimbabweans who had hid in the warehouse

2. After they were caught, they were detained and taken to the Plum Tree border post on the Zimbabwean side.

These are the manifestations of a decayed Zimbabwean economy which can’t provide jobs for its citizens.

The propaganda about economic growth is being exposed daily!

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