CCC Manicaland secretary general arrested

CITIZENS Coalition for Change secretary general for Manicaland was Sunday arrested for addressing a political gathering in Doradombo at Mambondiyani mountain.

Godfrey Mubatsa, was reportedly picked up for contravening Section 7(5) of Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (MOPA) in a dramatic detention where he sacrificed himself for other 19 political activists.Sources say Mubatsa is being held at Mutare Central Police station.

It is reported he offered to be arrested and shield his colleagues who also participated in the exercise to charm the rural electorate ahead of 2023 elections.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Nobert Muzondo he was not aware of the arrest.

Muzondo said the Law-and-Order section would confirm as he warned against possible politicisation of the arrest of opposition figures.

“I don’t have knowledge about this matter, this would need to be verified, let me find out, as I have not been upraised as Manicaland police spokesperson.

“If it is indeed that he was arrested we shall wait for him to appear in court on Monday,” he said.

CCC provincial spokesperson David Panganayi confirmed the arrest stating that the party was refuting police claims, while an internal fact-finding mission is underway through liaison with its structures to get concrete evidence on the matter without pre-emptying the accused defense in courts.

Panganayi said political persecution of the party’s leadership was common cause of police actions.

He said there was selective application of the law and targeted assaults.

He also said the police are working in cahoots with the ruling Zanu-PF, in well-orchestrated manhunts to thwart opposition programs in rural areas.

“It is true that Mubatsa was arrested yesterday and we understand it was for allegedly addressing a gathering that was not cleared.

“While I don’t have sufficient details, it is still sketchy but we have information that he is detained at Mutare central pending appearance before Mutare Magistrate,” he said.

Source : NEW Zimbabwe

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