Zimbabweans Live in Fear As 29 May  Deadline to Leave South Africa Looms.

JOHANNESBURG Afrophobic groups are threatening to chase Zimbabweans from South Africa before the end of the month , as they do not want Zimbabweans in their territory.

The number of Zimbabweans living in South Africa has grown exponentially in recent years, but they are now facing a backlash of xenophobia.

The xenophobia sentiment is fueled by a deep-seated fear of foreigners and immigrants. The Afrophobic groups often used social media to find ways to chase Zimbabweans from will end the year.

As xenophobic sentiment grows, so does the number of attacks on Zimbabweans and other African nationals in South Africa. However, the solution for this is not leaving South Africa. In fact, it would just exacerbate their hardships. Instead we should be focusing on how to make them feel safe in the low-income neighborhoods where they are residing at the moment while looking for long term solutions including sending them back home or giving them asylum elsewhere

In recent years, South Africans have been at the forefront of xenophobia. The country has seen an increase in violent attacks against African immigrants who are living in the country illegally or with expired visas. It is surprising that another vigilante group Operation Dudula is now emerging with a similar agenda.

In his weekly report yesterday Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa accused the West of sponsoring anti-black, Chinese and Russian sentiments in the region.

Part of the large groups of Zimbabweans that were chased arrested & prepared for deportation last week in Botswana are hawkers, teachers, refugees, gardeners, beggars, maids, plumbers, those living in rural & urban areas.
EVERY type of Zimbabwean was deported👏💯
#OperationDudula https://t.co/AknB0NJ0b0

Nobody likes or wants Zimbabweans. Not Botswana, not Namibia, not Swaziland.
We also don’t like them or want them here. They know that very well. Majority WILL go by the end of this year. By force👋 or by fire🔥. They can walk back or go back in a deportation vans. Their choice. https://t.co/Ob6XaGVLzc

Source : Chimurengaradio.com

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