Mozambique Frelimo youth wing defends unprecedented third term for Nyusi at the head of the party


File photo: Lusa

The youth wing of the ruling party in Mozambique today reiterated its support for Filipe Nyusi in an unprecedented third term at the head of the party, during the opening session of the meeting of the Frelimo Central Committee.

“We reaffirm our commitment, from the second OJM Congress, to unconditionally support comrade Filipe Jacinto Nyusi for another five years in the leadership of our glorious Frelimo”, said Silva Livone, president of the Mozambican Youth Organization (OJM).

According to Livone, Filipe Nyusi would lead the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (Frelimo) for a period of 15 years, that is, he would go beyond his second term as President of the Republic – a claim that the party refused grating to Nyusi’s predecessor, Armando Guebuza, who wanted to remain Frelimo’s leader after having left the Presidency. in 2015.

The Organization of Mozambican Women (OMM) and the Association of Combatants in the National Liberation Struggle (ACLLIN), two influential organizations in Frelimo, as well as Filipe Nyusi himself, spoke after Silva Livone and made no reference to the topic.

Nyusi called in his speech for “genuine acts of unity and cohesion” from the members of the ruling party, aimed at strengthening the organization’s ability to face today’s challenges.

“Genuine acts aimed at consolidating unity and cohesion must continue to serve as a great weapon for the new battles we are fighting today, which are not necessarily the same as the battles of the past,” said Nyusi.

Before the highest body of the ruling party, in the interval between congresses, Filipe Nyusi quoted an African proverb: “When spider webs come together, they can tie a lion”.

The Frelimo president stressed that the session of the central committee that started today should be an opportunity for the party to become stronger and assume itself as “the force for change”.

“We look forward to a productive session, in an atmosphere of great openness and camaraderie. Let there be clear guidelines that lead us to strengthen our union and our cohesion”, Nyusi emphasized.

Filipe Nyusi’s constant calls for unity and cohesion in Frelimo are made in a context in which several analyses refer to the existence of wings that could play a role in internal tensions as the country approaches a new electoral cycle.

The new cycle begins with the municipal elections of 2023 and ends with the general elections (including presidential and legislative) in 2024.

Filipe Nyusi advocated the “rejuvenation” of Frelimo’s social organizations, noting that the lack of renewal can lead to the “atrophy and collapse of an organization”.

The Central Committee session will also assess the degree of preparation for the 12th Frelimo Congress, scheduled for September.

At the September Congress a new Central Committee and a new Political Commission will be elected, bodies that will be important in the process of electing Frelimo’s candidate for the 2024 presidential elections.

Source: Lusa

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