PATIENTS admitted to Premier Service Claybank Hospital in Gweru have gone for two days without getting medical care as more than 200 nurses, doctors, and health support staff at the upmarket health care centre have downed tools.
The medical personnel and support staff have been on strike since Monday demanding a salary increment and payment of allowances in United States dollars.

Premier Service Claybank Hospital popularly known as Claybank Hospital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI).

PSMI is Zimbabwe’s largest private network of diversified medical service provision centres.

The major source of income that pays PSMI staff salaries are subscriptions to Premier Medical Aid Society (PSMAS), which are paid in local currency.

The striking health workers in interviews yesterday said patients are being turned away because of a shortage of protective clothing, basic medicine, and low morale among staff members.

They said they are being paid in local currency for both salary and allowances.

They alleged that the theatre is down, adding that no operations are taking place at the health institution thereby disadvantaging the patients.

“Moral is just too low at this hospital. You will find that operation procedures are not being carried out as the theatre is down and there are no technicians to operate machines. We have downed tools to protest against the deteriorating working conditions and failure by the employer to pay us salaries on time, as well as non-payment of Covid-19 allowances which civil servants are receiving,” said a nurse on condition of anonymity.

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