Zimbabwean Junta Tightens Grip on Power : Another Military General for Vice President

In what will be a double whammy to his political detractors in and outside ZanuPF ahead of the party’s 2022 Congress and the 2023 polls, Mnangagwa is set to appoint General Philip V Sibanda as State Vice President , to replace Mohadi. Sibanda will be replaced with Air Marshal Elson Moyo, as the ZDF Commander

General Sibanda’s appointment as State Vice President is imminent. Preparations to setup his Vice president office, including staff recruitment, are already underway. Sibanda’s appointment as State VP will endanger Mohadi’s position as one of the two VPs and Second Secretaries of ZanuPF

The military Junta came to power through an illegimate coup that removed long time late Dictator Robert Mugabe from power.

Since the removal of Mugabe from Power the political and economic environment has worsened. Human rights abuses are on the increase. The Junta has refused to implement Political and Electoral reform that will help to bring legitimacy to the whole process.

Meanwhile the newly formed Opposition CCC leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa believes that the Military is fully behind him.

Source : Chimurenga News

Additional Source :Jonathan Moyo on Twitter

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