Questionable Everything : Katope Criticises Mnangagwa’s Questionable Character

Prominent Citizens Coalition For Change CCC Activist Sinikiwe Katope has thrown a shade at the embattled Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s credentials in a post on social media.

The United States based activist said Mnangagwa’s nationality, age, ability to lead, and participation in the liberation struggle was questionable

She wrote :

Here’s the only leader in the world whose EVERYTHING is questionable

“Legitimacy as president: questionable
Ability to lead: questionable
Real age: questionable
Sobriety: questionable
Battle participation: questionable
Whether Zim born: questionable
Everything else: questionable”

His health questinableNumber of Wives questionable
Number of Children questionable

The frail 80 year old Mnangagwa came to power through an illegimate coup that ousted long time ruler Robert Mugabe.

Under Mnangagwa’s rule State Sponsored Human rights Abuses have increased. The economic situation has deteriorated. Thousands are fleeing everyday to neighbouring countries and overseas.

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