RACISM : Family of murdered Innocent Black South African uber driver demands justice

CAPE TOWN – Police in Cape Town are questioning a number of suspects in relation to the horrific killing of a black e-hailing driver.

Abongile Mafalala (31) was murdered in Parkwood, A coloured Community near Grassy Park, on the Cape Flats this week.

Mafalala was attacked and the car he was travelling in, was set alight.Mafalala, an e-hailing driver, came under attack, apparently due to residents’ fears over kidnappings in Cape Town in recent weeks.

Mafalala’s cousin, Mawande Mnyipika, is demanding justice for his cousin and that his killers be arrested as soon as possible and brought before court.

“We only want to see those people in jail. That is the only thing I can say,” Mnyipika said.

Media Personality Wesley Fester said,

” The killing of Abongile Mafalala in Parkwood had nothing to do with kidnapping. It had everything to do with anti-black bigotry,criminality and racism by coloured people. That’s why he was first robbed.The only criminal behaviour that day was displayed by the people at the scene.”

Police have urged social media users to refrain from sharing fake news and for people to report crime to law enforcement authorities.

Source : EWN and More

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