Trouble in Mnangagwa’s first Political Party Home UNIP : Twists And Turns Continue

Mary Kachepa-United National Independence Party Acting Secretary General KENNETH KAIRA has advised its clients to ignore sentiments that the party has cancelled its lease agreements.

Yesterday, Expelled Party Vice President MIKE KAIRA announced at a media briefing that the lease agreements had been cancelled.

Mr KAIRA further said the party has not held any National Congress to expel its democratically elected President TREVOR MWAMBA and the decision taken from the illegal meeting held by suspended persons is null and void.

He further said no Secretariate staff at the old freedom house has been fired.

Mr KAIRA said Mr MULENGA MWICHE and Mr MIKE KAIRA remain suspended and can not represent or perform any functions on behalf of the party.

Mr KAIRA said this through Party Spokesperson ANDREW MWIMA.

Source : ZNBC News

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