Chamisa’ popularity Rises ahead of Mnangagwa : Survey

THE majority of Zimbabweans now trust the Nelson Chamisa led Citizens Coalition (CCC) to change the country’s fortunes more than the ruling Zanu-PF party, a Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) survey has revealed.

Disseminating the survey’s findings in Bulawayo Tuesday, MPOI principal researcher, Stephen Ndoma said 48% of respondents said they trust CCC, while 44 % indicated that they trust Zanu-PF.
According to the survey outcome, 71 % of those who responded also indicated that they trust religious and traditional leaders more than their elected leaders.

About 55% of the respondents said they also trusted the army.

Commenting on the outcome of the survey, CCC Bulawayo province spokesperson, Swithern Chirowodza, said the survey results proved that CCC is now the biggest party in the country.

“What that means is that Mnangagwa and his surrogates who call themselves the MDC-T no longer enjoy the confidence of Zimbabweans.

“It also means that Mnangagwa has been dumped by many people who had hope in his leadership after the 2017 coup.

“This aspect of the survey vindicates those who never trusted Mnangagwa from the beginning.

“There was never good governance to come from Mnangagwa because no water oozes out of a stone,” said Chirowodza.

Meanwhile, Manicaland province has the highest number of respondents who trust the opposition, while 35 % in Masvingo indicated that they trusted the opposition.

About 47% of the respondents said they do not trust the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

It also emerged that about 49% of the respondents were happy with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s performance.

“Disapproval of the President’s job performance is most pronounced among poor citizens,” said Ndoma.

“Half of respondents approve of the performance of their local government councillors.”

On central government performance, the survey results also noted that most Zimbabweans feel government is performing very badly on key economic issues such as keeping prices stable, creating jobs and narrowing gaps between the rich and poor.

The survey was conducted between March 28 and April 10, 2022 by MPOI on behalf of the Afrobarometer Network on “The Quality of Democracy and Governance in Zimbabwe.”

A sample size of 1,200 adult citizens took part in the survey

.Source – NewZimbabwe

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